Job description

The precision and quality of the job description is essential for a correct search and identification of ideal target candidates. SCS Cluster, in partnership with human resource services from large accounts have developed job descriptions relevant in obtaining pertinent information concerning the ICT sector.

The creation of a job description must take into consideration a maximum of relevant keywords to define your search.

The following form downloaded from your members area in – Tab Resources & Competences enables you to precisely define the significant components necessary to target interesting potential candidates.

How to complete your form

Company :
• Publication date
• Name
• Address
• Contact person Who is the person empowered to answer candidate questions?
- Name
- Email
- Telephone

Industry sector : Where are you situated in the ICT value chain?
Highlight in color the sector(s) of activity
• Optical mechanism/materials
• Electronic components/sensors
• Networks/emissions/transmission/reception
• Systems
• Software
• Applications
• Interface/display/storage
• Contents
• Other

Describe your company: In a comprehensible manner for laymen

The position to be filled
• Heading: Go beyond the generic Engineer. e.g.: Microcontroller application engineer, Specialist VHDL design engineer …

• Domain(s)
Highlight in color the fields
o Research and development
o Commercial/Sales
o Marketing
o Product engineering
o Engineering process
o Production
o Quality
o Customer service
o Customer technical support
o Administration/Secretariat
o Data processing/Networks
o Management/Finance
o Import/export/Logistics
o Legal
o Maintenance/Facilities
o External communication/Relations
o Human resources
o Others

• Job description: Break down the position into 5-7 objectives, with a view to the expected results

- Responsibility, Missions:

- Necessary competences: Commercial aptitude, project management, languages, team management

- hardware and software experience: Design tools, testing equipment, microscopes, software application packages

- Constraints: Shift work, clean room, mobility

• Level of education:                              Domain(s):
• Number of years experience:               withinn a similar position:

• Keywords characterizing the required profile.

1. … … …
2. … … …
3. … …
4. … …
5. … …

Help: cf Topic below helps choose keywords which will achieve successful searches

Work contract elements:
• Place of work:
• CDI CDD: duration
• Position:
• Full-time Part time: number of weekly work hours
• Annual salary:

Choose well the keywords which will make a successful search

Keywords characterizing the required profile.

3 ....

Words, terminology, definitions used in your trade/sector, scientific community which best describes in a single way the knowledge, processes, methods,…

  • What is the importance of keywords?

The use of new information and communication technologies requires the drafting of position profiles which include a maximum of keywords relevant to your search:
- Candidates who publish their CVs on the Web (professional networks and advertisers) fill their CV with apparent and hidden keywords that allow their CV to have higher hits by recruiters.
- To make your search effective, define keywords that will hilight the CV's (and only the CV's) that correspond to your needs.

  • A few tips for choosing keywords

A keyword can be chosen in different domains :
- the type of training required
- the name of one (other) leading company in your sector
(Competitor, supplier, provider,...)
- tools and equipment used in your business
- processes, certifications (quality, environmental,)
- versatility or multi-competences required
- etc

Avoid common terms, generic: for example the term
'Java' generated 19722 resumes in the Apec CVthèque, C++ 67618, XP 16719

If your keyword is too ambiguous, create a combination of keywords :
- C++ application development engineer.
- XPS Analyses Doctor
- Alfresco document management software developer

Abbreviations and acronyms give random results, nevertheless if they are relevant, combine them with other names.

Datasheet Examples

- Position in Microelectronics
- Position in Software

January 2018