Less than 10% of fledgling businesses actually manage to raise funds. This lack of equity is an obstacle to their development/investment capacity, and partly accounts for the difficulties these businesses face in developing their activity.

Moreover, the process of devising a business plan through to actually raising equity lasts 12 months on average, thus taking up invaluable time, whereas the company is already focusing all its energy on its development.

Since 2010, the SCS Cluster has accompanied young businesses in this equity-raising process by helping them prepare a detailed business development plan.

More than 40 VSEs/SMEs have since obtained their "Entreprise Innovante des Pôles (Cluster Innovative Business) label. The support available has increased the equity-raising success rate fivefold. In all, almost €120 million has been invested in the SMEs supported by the SCS Cluster.

The SCS Equity Raising Focus Service

By drawing on the “VSE/SME Business Development” commission created by the SCS Cluster and which brings together industrial players and SMEs, as well as 24 investors (including BPI France, Business Angels (BA), Venture Capitalistes (VC)), the SCS Cluster offers a 5-phase support approach:

  • Preparation for the selection committee,
  • Presentation of your project at the BusDev committee (selection process for support),
  • Tailored support to develop, improve and structure your business plan,
  • Presentation of the finalized business plan for certification and possible obtaining of France's "Entreprise Innovante des Pôles" (Cluster Innovative Business) label,
  • Referral to targeted potential investors.

This service is split into 8 days of support over a 4-month period.

The “Entreprise Innovante des Pôles” label

The Competitiveness Cluster Innovative Business label was launched on June 3, 2010 under the aegis of France's Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment. This label is intended to increase the visibility and the audience of VSE and SMEs within the competitiveness clusters in relation to private investors. It involves businesses and clusters in a joint approach to actively seek financing.

This label is recognized by all capital investors in France.

The players and steps involved in validating the SCS BusDev process

Provisional 2017 schedule

  • June 2017: BusDev selection committee meeting
  • June - October 2017: Support for the selected companies
  • October 2017: BusDev certification committee meeting and a new selection committee meeting

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For further information on the certification process for a business development project, please contact:

Stéphanie Schohn, 06 89 96 19 11, E-mail

Delphine Launay, 04 89 86 69 30, E-mail

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