The World Competition of Innovation is segmented in 3 phases: starting, lifting of risk, the development.

At the end of the first phase (phase of starting) of action CMI of the Investment Plan with A future, 182 projects at strong potential were selected. The second phase of the action (raised phase of risk) made it possible to identify and accompany 35 projects by major innovation.

A new session of phase 2 of the World Competition of Innovation, is open until February 15th, 2017. The objective of phase 2, known as of “lifting of risk”, is to cover work of R & D necessary to the development of one or more products, processes or services, nonavailable on the market and with strong innovating contents. These projects must present a credible business plan and aim at economic consequences and technological direct on the territory in the form of new products or services, technologies and employment within the framework as of ambitions below.

Eligible projects

To be eligible, the projects must meet several conditions:

  • To answer the one of the eight ambitions of competition:
  1. Energy storage
  2. Collection, sorting and the recycling of the matters
  3. The valorization of the marine resources, metals and desalination of sea
  4. Plant proteins and the chemistry of the plant: food substances and new materials
  5. Individualized Medicine
  6. The silver economy, answer to the needs for the seniors
  7. Big Dated - valorization from the massive data
  8. The collective security and protection against the malevolent actions

The detail of the challenges of the ambitions appears in the specifications of the call.

  • to have for object the development of one or more products, processes or services, nonavailable on the market and to strong innovating contents;
  • to present a business plan which attests in particular credibility of the objective of marketing expected;
  • to propose an eligible plate of work of at least 2M€,
  • to be carried by a company (the leader):
  • Frenchwoman, possibly in the course of creation;
  • foreign wishing to be established in France. The contractualisation of the assistance could however be done only with one company registered with the trade register in France. Only the works completed on the French territory will be able to profit from the official support.

The projects can be deposited by a consortium and associate within this framework of the laboratories and establishments of research or any structure completing or coordinating works of R & D, without that not constituting an obligation.

The financing brought within the framework of phase 2 of the World Competition of Innovation will be done in the forms of aid State made up in a way balanced of subsidies and recoverable advances, of an order of magnitude from 1 to 3 M€ by project.

For the share of eligible expenditure, the rules of financing, in the respect of the Community framings, are the following ones:

  • maximum rate of 45% of the expenditure retained for the small companies (EP) with the Community direction;
  • maximum rate of 35% of the expenditure retained for the medium businesses (ME) with the Community direction
  • maximum rate of 25% for the other companies.

These rates could be raised of 15 points maximum in the event of projects “collaboratifs”.
For the establishments of research concerned with the public sphere or mainly financed by public funds, whatever their statute, and fulfilling a mission of general interest by devoting a dominating share of their activity to the R & D, the plate of the assistance consists of marginal costs dealt with at 100%, or on option of the partner (final for the whole of Competition), of complete costs dealt with at the rate of 40%.

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