PRI-PACA: Partnership Régional d' Innovation


Selection criteria

  • clearness and originality of the project
  • balance and economic relevance (balance of the financing plan, importance and maturity of the outlets for trade, development cost and manufacturing compared to the market price, return on expected investment)
  • innovating character of the project (compared to, the management state of the art of pi, impact on the development of the company)
  • technical coherence (technologies employed, integration with what exists, performances expected)
  • quality of the partnerships (registration in the industrial local ecosystem of R & D, certification by a pole of competitiveness)
  • social responsibility and environmental (environmental impact, taken into account of the questions of management planning of employment and competences)
  • economic consequences (jobs created or maintained in the Area)

Process of certification SCS for projects PRI

Certification by a pole of competitiveness is strongly advised and brings more qualitative to the file.

Taking into account the short times and in order not to slow down the leaders of projects in their approachs, the SCS Cluster set up a process dedicated for the accompaniment and certification of projects PRI:

Useful documents

Datasheet of request for certification

Specifications for SCS certification

Specifications of the call for projects

Application dossier


Olivier Chavrier, 04 42 53 82 83, E-mail

Delphine Launay, 04 89 86 69 30 - 06 03 50 27 82, E-mail

update 3/13/2017

January 2018