FRIEND – New Experiment customer on skiable field

Call to Demonstration of Interest – News Experiment customer on skiable field

Greenhouse Knight Valley (SCV) – the High Alps (05)

Answer expected before January 31st, 2018

Greenhouse Knight wishes to accompany the transformation by the customer route into station thanks to digital while starting experiments and tests which will make it possible to refine the feasibility of various innovating projects to come. The innovation of product and service expected rests on an integration of the trades needs for manager of tickets, of access control, billettic and marketing centered customer.

This project considered to be strategic by Regional council PACA within the framework of the policy of the Operation of Interest Régional (OIR) Smart Mountain, has as long-term objective to develop a new experiment of ski and a new way of consuming; more fluid, more adapted to the uses and waitings customer.

Initially, the objective that SCV is fixed is to test, in perimeters limited and in miscellaneous forms, the technical requirements of the dematerialization of the ticket and access control to the skiable field through a Smartphone in a particular environment (weather conditions, temperatures, altitude, volume, connectivity…). Priority is given to modules 1 (A & B) and 4 of the call.

The consortia of companies proposing a complete answer, integrating the whole of the modules of the call will be studied in priority.

The objective in the long term is to deploy the solutions which answer waitings of SCV, on the whole of the skiable field and potentially to enter the market “Company of the Alps”.

Cluster Events

The objective of SCV is of starting the tests of POC in period of winter exploitation is between February and April 2018. Tests could also be organized over the summer period.

Methods of answer

File of application in the form of slides including various information (presentation of the product/service, innovating character, estimate of installation POC, etc)

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Consult the complete and HERE detailed call

Times & Contacts

Answers to be sent before January 31st, 2018 to:

  • Fabien Harel, operations manager OIR Smart Mountain – ARII PACA -

  • Rachel Ramaye, mission leader SME – SCS Cluster - 06 13 89 35 04

The candidates will be received with Greenhouse Knight, at the latest on February 10th, 2018 for launching of the POC within deadlines optimum.

January 2018