Cyber threats – How to protect your company

Cyber threats: how to protect your company

Main risks and practical advice for your company

Your company is “connected”: website, Facebook, smartphone but also electronic correspondence which often contains confidential data.
The Internet has become an inescabable tool.

While it is clearly an important growth factor, it can also be 1} a source of major vulnerability.
Cybercriminels are interested in anything that constitutes the value of your company: customer files, answers to requests for proporals, employees' personal data or supplier data.

Protection faced with cyber threats is a strategic priority in order your company's wealth.

To help with this increasingly prevalent threat, the French Ministry of the Interior has published a dedicated document with practical advice and useful contacts.

Consult the document HERE.

In addition to this approach, the Ministry of Defense has announced an unprecedented mobilization of efforts to fight cyber-attacks and to protect the State's systems.

This will take form via the Cyber Defense Pact, which involves measures intended to effectively upscale the mobilization of the entire Ministry of Defense in terms of cybersecurity, as well as actions intended to support innovative initiatives - in both the public and private sectors: local government agencies, major groups, SMEs/SMIs, training organizations.

Representing a veritable benchmark in terms of cybercriminality, this Cyber Defense Pact contains 50 concrete measures defined in 6 areas of action.

Find all these measures in the official document entitled Cyber Defense Pact: 50 measures for a change of scale 50 measurements to change scale HERE

January 2018