Appear in the new Cybersécurité catalogue of the GIGAT

Appear in the new Cybersécurité catalogue

Preferential rate member SCS Cluster

The ACN (Alliance for Digital confidence), in partnership with the GICAT (Grouping of industries of defense and security of terrestrial and air and land), the FIEEC (Federation of Electric, Electronic Industries and of Communication) and Hexatrust, decided to proceed to an update of the catalogue of capacitaire offer on the cybersecurity, published two years ago (see the old version HERE)


The objective of such a catalogue is to give to all the companies which wish it the possibility of proposing their offers of Cybersécurité classified in the form of answers capacitaires, in particular for diffusion near the public authorities and in French and foreign trade shows in the field. This catalogue will be made public and widely diffused at the time of the FIC 2018 (International forum of Cybersécurité).

To structure the presentation of the offers of the companies of the sector, each one will be exposed according to 3 cumulative criteria:

  • according to the segmentation in force for the label Cybersecurity France,
  • according to the positioning of the offer in a temporal vision of a potential attack (front, during and after an incident): The Council in cybersecurity/Formation-sensitizing/Prevention-protection/Detection-reaction/Investigation-impact strength-information
  • according to the nature of the offer: software product/, integration, services/council

This catalogue is opened with very undertaken sector which wishes to take part in it. This participation takes the shape of a total presentation of the company (1 page with 3 illustrations) and of the description of one or more of its offers answering cutting capacitaire proposed (10 lines per offer with 1 or 2 illustrations logo + image).


The members of the SCS Cluster are given a preferential rate of 250€ including all taxes (against 300€ including all taxes in public rate) for a company (description undertaken + 1 offer)

Count 200€ for each additional offer that the company wishes to integrate, within the limit of 3 offers per company: 1 principal segment and 2 secondary segments).


If you wish to take part in this catalogue and to reveal there your company, it is enough for you to indicate it to us by informing the Excel file available HERE and to return it to before December 6th, 2017

February 2018