The SCS Cluster searches one (E) in charge (E) of mission Projects

Charged (E) with Mission Projects

Secured Communicating Solutions Competitiveness Cluster

Inevitable actor of the ecosystem of digital and the accompaniment of the companies and the research laboratories, the SCS Cluster searches un/une in charge (E) of mission projects on Rousset (13) or Sophia Antipolis (06).

Attached (E) to the head office and in collaboration with all the operational team, your main mission will be the support for the services of accompaniment and certification of the projects innovating in the field of the digital one.

You will be in particular in charge of the following missions:

- To accompany the companies and the laboratories for the assembly and the follow-up by their innovating projects and their financing

- To manage the process of instruction and certification of the innovating projects - To produce the tools and the external communication of the projects activity

- To hold the follow-up of the instrument panels and the indicators of quality of the projects activity

You come (E) from a training in commercial management marketing/or project management. You have first experience from 3 to 5 years on a similar station. You have a perfect command of the pack Office and the software of graphic design. You have good editorial ability.

If you are rigorous (), creative (5th), autonomous, force of proposal and impassioned (E) by the innovation and the digital one, JOIN L'EQUIPE of the SCS Cluster!

Send without more delaying your application with

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December 2017