Prize list Competitions SME Innovating of the Digital PACA 2017

5 SME prizes winner preceded at the time of Innovating Competition “SME of the Digital PACA 2017” of the SCS Cluster

Within the framework of the Meetings Gone “smart and connected Vehicle”

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The SCS Cluster, inevitable actor of IoT and the numeric security, organized on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at Amadeus with Sophia-Antipolis, the Ceremony of Handing-over of the prices of Innovating Competitions SME of the Digital PACA 2017, in the presence of more than 150 people and with the active support of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

The Innovating Competition SME of the Digital PACA 2017 decreed 5 prices addressing various markets and fields of competence covered by the SCS Cluster, plus an honorary price Operation of General interest “key Technologies” given by the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

The Prize list 2017

  • The product or the service more innovating in the field of Dated Science

Awarded by HPE

SmartR - Panda Orthopedics

SmartR is a company of E-health which uses state-of-the-art technologies to improve the assumption of responsibility of functional rehabilitation throughout the world. Thanks to the new generations of sensors and algorithms, we propose to the patients in rehabilitation to reach an assumption of responsibility close to that of a sportsman professional, unconstrained, for a fraction of the current price of a rehabilitation. Currently, our therapeutic assistant 2.0, Panda allow to accelerate the rehabilitation of the knee, by the patient follow-up and the diagnosis.


  • The product or service more innovating in the field of Cybersécurité

Awarded by Gemalto

The ArcanSecurity company develops a patented system of strong authentication without passwords. This system, strongly evolutionary and general-purpose, can adapt to many cases of uses (online shopping, authentication Intranet, unlocking main door,…) since one has means of communication with a network.


  • The product or service more innovating in the field of the Connected Vehicle

Given by Renault

Newsteo develops system a innovating and low cost of weighing of truck. Our new connected sensors will make it possible to the owner to optimize the invoicing of its customer and to optimize the rounds and the filling of its truck thanks to a precise and permanent knowledge of the load of this one.


  • The product or service more innovating in the field ofthe Industry of the Future

Given by Schneider Electric

Agrivolta developed to a single system connected smart ombrières. The agricultural implement makes it possible to the farmer to control his cultures vis-a-vis the climate change, with a rise of the outputs to the key. Entirely automated, the ombrières meet custom-tailored the needs for each plant.


  • The product or service more innovating in the field of the Microelectronics for IoT

Given by NXP

A million people are reached by the Alzheimer's disease in France, which represents 2 times more helping. This pathology generates a constant concern. Swap is a GPS key-ring intended for the patients of Alzheimer, connected to an application for helping, reassured on the health status and defendant in the event of problems.


  • The Special price Operation of Régional Interest “Key Technologies”

Honorary price given by the Area Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

SmartR – Panda Orthopedics

With the key

On the whole they are 14,950 € of prices distributed between the 5 award-winnings.

  • €11,000 shared among the 5 award winners (€2,200 per winner)
  • 1 year of free adhesion to the SCS Cluster for the year 2018 - facial Value: €790 exc. VAT
  • The SCS Cluster proposes to each award-winning a setting ahead via his topic SME of the Month, its portable application and its social networks.

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