Big Data Work Group meeting

Prospects for Big Data: Deep Learning, IoT & Big Data, Blockchain, Little Big Data

Opportunities in Big Data & Industry 4.0

Monday, March 6, 2017, 1pm - 5pm - Business Pole, Sophia Antipolis

Event organized as part of the Artificial Intelligence days

The Big Data special-interest group (Big Data WG) invites you to its next meeting.

Highlights of this latest meeting:

  • Innovation on the Industry 4.0 market: Call for Big Data skills for POC with Thales Alenia Space to modernize its plants in Europe.
  • Innovation outlook for Deep Learning & AI, Big Data & the IoT, real-time Big Dated processing and Blockchain/Big Data/Privacy

Provisional schedule

13:00: Welcome

13:15: Presentation of the New members

MyDreamMatch/Kinaxia/IoThink Solutions/Data Moove

14:00: Big Data and “Little” Big data a strategic prospect - MBDS University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

14:30: Innovation on the market for the Industry of the Future - Big Data use cases for the “factory 4.0” development concerning Thales Alenia Space factories in Europe - Thales Alenia Space, Innovation Department.

Development of projects around the following technological building blocks: Data analytics, Big Data SW Stack & database (Hadoop.), architectures and cloud, SCS virtualized infrastructures

15:00: Break

15:20: Deep learning, development Big Data & AI - O² Quant followed by an illustrative use case by HPE

15:40: Blockchain and Big Data, which strategic challenges? - KeeeX

16:10: IoT & Big Data convergence: IoT/Big Data challenge proposal

16:30: PrestoCloud project: Real-time Big Data Processing in Edge Computing

16:50: AI survey and latest calls for projects - SCS Cluster

17:00: Conclusion


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Reminder: Big Data white paper: “Big challenges for bigger opportunities”.

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Business Pole - Bâtiment B, Entrée A - Espace NIDA (RDC)

1047 Route des Dolines , Allée Pierre Ziller, 06560 Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis - Access map