Full Session Big Working group Dated

Big challenges Dated on the market from Health/New group “Smart Travel Experiment”

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 of 13:00 to 18:00 - ONES in Sophia-Antipolis

The group Big set of themes Dated (WP Big Dated) invites you to its next plenary of which here key periods:

  •  Innovation in the field of health: by industrialists QWAM, DOCAPOST & by the academic ones with the MBDS
  • Launching of a new initiative around Smart Travel within SCS
  • Law GDPR: concrete cases of use

Provisional schedule

13:00: Welcome

13:15: Presentation of the New members

QWAM, Dated ScienceTech Institute

14:00: Big went back for the automatic generation from ontology from side-effects to drugs - QWAM

14:20: Project Big Bridge on the correlations between air quality to Nice and the urgencies to the university hospital 2017 - MBDS

14:50: Deep Learning to optimize the back-office treatments in the field of the health insurance - DOCAPOST

15h20 - Station-wagon

15:50: Problems of the massive data in the biobank06 - university hospital NICE

16:10: Results of Workshop BIG dated at Thales Alenia Space and prospects 2018 for SME for SCS - Thales Alenia Space

16:20: NEW Smart Travel Experiment group – Milanamos, Dated Moove, ConztanZ

New European General Regulation on the Personal data Data protection:

16:40: Personal data data protection: what will change the #RGPD/#GDPR at May 25th, 2018 - SYMAG

17:00: Suppression of a IA of the personal data having been used for involving it in the event of request of the user to be in conformity with the #RGPD/#GDPR - KeeeX

17:20: Finance your Big projects Dated - SCS Cluster

17:30: Wrap-up

Registration methods

Event open to all - Registration as of today and before on Thursday, January 11, 2018 ataudrey.rivollet@pole-scs.org

  • Free registration for the members of the SCS Cluster
  • 80€ HT for the non-members of the SCS Cluster


University Nice Sophia Antipolis – Faculty of Science - A1 Lecture theater

Site of the Fireflies, 1645 route des Lucioles Sophia Antipolis 06410 Biot - Plan D Access

Recall : Big white paper Dated “Big challenges for bigger opportunities” version 2 published in 2017 - Contact fabienne.detoma@pole-scs.org to receive it under electronic format (Booked with the Members of the SCS Cluster only)

January 2018