Meetings Smart Port & Smart City

Meetings Gone “Smart Port & Smart City”

Focus on Marseilles: smart city harbour or smart metropolitan port?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - the Hull (Marseilles)

“City & port connected, effective and made safe thanks to technologies IoT & Big dated”

The following players will be present:





Objective & Ambitions

The objective of this day is to connect the high level clients and speakers with the offerers of technology in order to:

  • To learn from the clients the challenges, prospects and “best practice”
  • To tie partnerships between the startups, the clients and key actors of the market

SCS will enclose the day smart/smart port to leave room to the handing-over of price of Med' competition INNOVATING of Euroméditerranée

Provisional agenda

8h45 - Reception coffee

9h15 - Trends & Prospects by the key actors for the market Smart Port & Smart City

Smart Port

  •  Project smart port and prospects for the IoT/big offerers dated - Frédéric Rychen, Large Seaport of Marseilles (GPMM) & Aix-Marseilles University (AMU) and Nicolas Frachon, Responsible Subway Great projects, CCIMP

Next actions around the smart port bound for the local startups (FRIEND, Brain port community, digital workshop,…)

  • Problems of cybersecurity of the maritime field - Patrick Hebrard, Naval Group

Presentation of the great problems of cybersecurity in the harbour infrastructures and the civil ships.

10h20 - Round table animated by Fabienne de Toma, SCS Cluster

  • Vision of the services innovating in the Port of the future - Christophe Reynaud, Marseilles Gyptis International (MGI)

With focus on a project of decision-making aid in harbour medium containing Artificial intelligence (IA) by Christophe Reynaud and Javier Gil Quijano, CEA Tech. Rewarded better innovation in the logistic category with the Assizes for the Port of the Future 2017.

  • Harbour project of management in the course of assembly with wearing of Rotterdam, Antwerp, the harbour - Dominique Defossez, NXP

Call to partners SCS to join the French consortium

Smart City

11h00 - Round table animated by Philippe De Matteis, UrbanWave

  • Prospects for the digital solutions to the service of the trades of water, the cleansing and energy - Lionel Ercolei, Company of Water of Marseilles
  • Places project connected to Aix en Provence - Jerome Richard, Town hall of Aix en Provence

11h30 - Wrap Up of the morning by Remi Costantino, Euromeéditerranée - the Urban innovation, a business of interfaces

Abstract : The town of tomorrow is characterized by its complexity, while at the same time it has directions only if the services which compose it simplify the experiment of the users, that they are undertaken, employed, busy inhabitants or simple. The interoperability with the interfaces seems a master word consequently: between territories, systems, databases, managers, originators, competences, etc Which can one say, as regards that which connects a harbour smart city and a smart metropolitan port?

12h00 - Pitch start-ups/PME with cases of uses *

With the experience feedback of the participants SCS Cluster of Smart City Exhibition World Congress 2017 : Crosslux, Fingertips, Interacive4D, Wever and Ziblue

12h30 - Buffet/Networking

14h00 - Speed dating BtoB (10 min) between clients & PME/startups **

16:00 - Close

 * If you are SME member of the SCS Cluster with a case of innovating use or a technology on the market “Smart City/Smart Port” put ahead in front of the clients present in the session Pitch at 11:30

** If you wish to take APPOINTMENT with one of the announcers, it will be enough 'to send your request starting from November 2nd, 2017 with the object of the APPOINTMENT (partnership, presentation of a case of use…)

=> Your contact: /06 73 03 30 23

Registration & Rates

Obligatory registration before November 16th, 2017

  • Free for the members SCS Cluster
  • 90€ HT for the partners
  • 300€ HT for not - members SCS Cluster


The Hull

Place Henri Verneuil, 13002 Marseilles

Access map

Confirmed speakers

- Frédéric Rychen, Member of the council of development Large Seaport of Marseilles (GPMM) & Aix Marseilles University (AMU)

- Rémi Costantino, Director of the Strategy and the Futurology, EUROMEDITERRANEE 

- Patrick Hebrard, Directing innovation, Naval Group

- Christophe Reynaud, Directing innovation, Marseilles Gyptis International

- Lionel Ercolei, Director, Company of Water of Marseilles (SEM)

- Jérôme Richard, Directing digital department, Town hall of Aix en Provence

- Javier Gil Quijano, IA Expert, CEA Tech

- Philippe De Matteis, Associated director, UrbanWave

- Dominique Defossez, Strategy & Partnership manager, NXP

February 2018