SEMICON EUROPA 2017 - SCS & its attending members

4th consecutive participation for the SCS Cluster and its members

The biggest microelectronics event in Europe

From November 14th to November 17th next, the SCS Cluster and 3 of its members will expose at the time of SEMICON EUROPA which will take place for the first time at Munich in Co-localization with Productronica, the trade show headlight of the production and the electronic development.

APPOINTMENT on the B1.139 stand !

Discover the 3 companies SCS which will take part in the collective house SCS Cluster, Minalogic and SEMI Grenoble under the leadership of Silicon Europe:


IBS (Ion Beam Services) offers a set of products and of services for the electronics industry and photovoltaic: equipment of ionic establishment and deposit of thin layers for the industrialists and the laboratories; manufacturing made-to-order of sensors and electronic components of power to high voltage containing Silicon and Silicon Carbide. 

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OPTIM Wafer Services proposes lines of business on slices related to the industry of the Microelectronics, MEMS and sensors:

  • Recycling of plates of silicon and Sapphire,
  • Services of thinning by grinding but also Dicing Before Grinding and Taiko,
  • Preparation of surfaces before Epithaxie or bonding by Chemical Mechanical Polishing and cleaning,
  • Edge trimming on crammed slices,
  • Cutting of dies: dicing,
  • Bonding of slices as well as the opening of Through Silicon Vias for the applications Integration 3D and sensors,
  • Reduction of diameter of the slices and beveling of the edges

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Design, manufacturing and marketing of columns FIB and FEB (Focused Ion and Beam Electron) and accessories associated such as systems with gas injection, detectors of secondary electrons,… All the product range Orsay Physics is compatible with applications in environment UHV.  

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The edition 2016 of SEMICON EUROPA in Grenoble had accommodated more than 3,600 participants including nearly 2,200 visitors and 296 exposing companies. 

February 2018