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Date Entities Website. Headings of Station Offers
21/02/2018 Qwam http://www.qwamci.com

Engineer Full Stack

Engineer “Dated Engineer”

20/2/2018 STid https://stid-security.com Android developer - RFID
13/2/2018 Whoog https://whoog.com/

Marketing director Communication

Assitant (E) General-purpose (E)


8/02/2018 Ween https://www.ween.fr

Doctor in IA/Machine Learning F/H

Developer C/C++ F/H

30/1/2018 GraphDeco (Start-up INRIA Sophia-Antipolis) https://team.inria.fr/graphdeco/

Engineer software


Business To develop

4/1/2018 Newsteo https://www.newsteo.com/fr/ Commercial South

- Access methods: To be an adherent entity partner of the SCS Cluster

- Cost: Included in the SCS Cluster membership fee

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February 2018