EUKLES Solutions, e-cloud company.

May 2017

EUKLES Solutions is specialized in the Electronic edition of management software of Document (EDM) and Electronic Management of Mails (GEC): in cloud, cloud hybrid and cloud private.

EUKLES Solutions proposes an application which considerably will improve the daily newspaper of the companies to easily dematerialize the mail entering and outgoing with ranking and automatic filing.

Interview of Jérémy MOREL, Marketing director & Communication EUKLES Solutions

  • Editorial Committee: Where would you situate your company's innovation?

Jérémy MOREL (JM) : The management of the mail paper is a constraining activity for all the companies, and the ecological impact of all these paper exchanges is a true natural disaster. Although the trend is in favour of the digital transformation, no tool makes it possible to pass the course easily. Application RESOPOST will simplify the daily newspaper of the companies. A simple solution allowing to dispatch 100% of the mail in only one action… the whole with acknowledgement of delivery and reading…

  • EC: How did you go about developing your project?

JM: In the continuity of our applications the management of the mail was an obvious result… And it is final to team of 10 people which was devoted to the project during two years. We invested much in R & D, but also put large means to confirm the legal framework of solution RESOPOST.

  • EC: What actions and deployments are currently in the pipeline?

JM: Registration is 100% free, the reception is 100% free, storage is free with life (10 000 pages (1Go) of storage offered by company). Besides these advantages we offer a pack of starting so that the companies can test the application for some sendings… This trial period is 100% free. If the company wishes to continue to use RESOPOST for its sendings, our distributors will propose the pack to him corresponding as well as possible to its needs (Storage space, many users, electronic signature, to that, formation, etc…) We are based on our network of Distributors on Europe (250) and set up tools at their service.

  • EC: Why did you join the SCS Cluster?

JM: We joined the SCS Cluster in order to be regularly informed in 2015 innovations, to be able to collaborate with companies of the SCS Cluster and to possibly hope to create synergies. Besides having a fish pond of companies which can become partners, the SCS Cluster enables us to profit from an external expert testimony.

  • EC: Has the SCS Cluster brought you what you were looking for?

JM: Last December we gained the competition of innovating SME of the Digital PACA 2016 in the Numeric security category with RESOPOST. This recognition enabled us to communicate on our know-how and to increase our notoriety.

  • EC: What do you expect of the Cluster in the future?

JM: The next course is the development with the international one. Currently, our presence with international is limited enough. We are very well established in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and we thus wish to develop of advantage of country. The SCS Cluster put to us in direct contact with companies having passed the course of this international expansion. That enables us to put ourselves in confidence, to avoid the traps, and to know specificities of the exterior markets.


Jérémy MOREL

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