Kinaxia - Real estate location-based decision-making

July 2017

Creating value based on knowledge of the risk

A specialist in risk intelligence, Kinaxia seeks to improve knowledge of the risk and leverage value from it. Kinaxia transforms raw data into information, then transforms this information into web services in order to meet a specific need.

Kinaxia offers two service lines:, the first online urban planning consulting firm; and, an all-new online location-based decision-making service that revolutionizes property search.

Interview with Edouard Le Goff, Founding CEO of Kinaxia
  • Editorial Committee: Where would you situate your company's innovation?

Edouard Le Goff (EL): Kinaxia develops online software solutions in the field of urban planning and, more generally, environmental information intended for players in the real estate transaction chain.

Launched in 2011, the service is now France's leading provider of regulatory urban planning electronic documents. Preventimmo revolutionized the production and the distribution of information of town planning, in particular of the States of the Risks (ERNMT, ERPS) and of the Notes of Information (NRU) near the professionals of the real transaction (mainly real notaries and diagnostiqueurs). This innovative solution was recompensed by the French Ministry of the Environment in 2015.

  • EC: How did you go about developing your project?

EL: In 2009, Edouard Le Goff (expert in urban planning law), Denis Overal (IT engineer specialized in IT systems), and Paul Mengual (doctor in geography and an expert in natural and technological risks), all from the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, observed the shortcomings of the market for environmental information. As a result, they decided to combine their respective skills by founding Kinaxia

This human adventure quickly grew into a group of companies that now employs some eighty employees, and is still looking for new talents!

  • EC: What actions and deployments are currently in the pipeline?

EL: Kinaxia continues to deploy, already France's leading provider of real estate information, and particularly successful with notaries.

Moreover, on May 16, 2017, we launched, firstly for private individuals then, since the end of the summer, for real estate professionals.

After more than two years of development, draws on the know-how and experience of Kinaxia to bring private individuals and professionals a completely new "geodecision-making" service that revolutionizes the uses of property search; in just a few clicks, users can establish a 360° assessment of any address in France based on 70 indicators, and thus effectively underpin any real estate decision.

  • EC: Why did you join the SCS Cluster?

EL: Kinaxia submitted its CityScan solution for the “PME Innovantes du Numérique PACA" competition in December 2016, and won the prize for best innovation in the “Big Data” category.

As a result, we naturally sought to build on this achievement by becoming a part of the SCS Cluster's ecosystem and Big Data workgroup.

  • EC: Has the SCS Cluster brought you what you were looking for?

EL: We are still in our first year of membership. We have taken part in several events with some interesting encounters and discussions, and have also benefited from some personalised meetings with the project managers to identify potential partnerships. The SCS Cluster was among the first to talk about the launch of on the social networks!

  • EC: What do you expect of the Cluster in the future?

EL: In the very short term, we have a number of web developer vacancies, and two post-doctorate positions for a research project with the Université Côté d'Azur as part of the IDEX JEDI project.

We will also be actively participating in the SCS Cluster's Big Data workgroup in order to get to know the region's players in this field.

Latest news

  • Kinaxia will be present at Innovative City event on July 5 and 6, 2017, at the Nice Acropolis, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur space, booth no. 56. Learn more.
  • Kinaxia recently raised €3 million with French investment company M Capital Partners, and relocated to a new, 1400 square-meter site.


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