Tiempo Secure - Enabling innovative, secure products

March 2017

Tiempo Secure specializes in the design and industrialization of innovative, high-performance microcontrollers and cryptoprocessors for secure applications.

Tiempo Secure offers a family of secure microcontrollers that have received Common Criteria EAL5+ and EMVCo certification, with a dual interface (contact/contactless) for secure payemnt and identification applications, as well as secure elements for connected objects (IoT).

Interview with Serge Maginot, CEO of Tiempo Secure
  • Editorial Committee: Where would you situate your company's innovation?

Serge Maginot (SM): Our innovation responds to increasing critical needs for securing and protecting the confidentiality of data conveyed wirelessly and on networks. We offer a range of secure, certified microcontrollers developed using an innovative technology that provides improved security against hardware attacks, better performance, and reduced energy consumption. These factors are all fundamental for ensuring the hardware security of banking payments and data transmitted by connected objects.

  • EC: How did you go about developing your project?

SM: After founding our company, we spent our first years developing a synthesis tool and a design flow to industrially implement and test clockless integrated circuits. We went on to use this technique and this flow - both unique of their kind and able to provide these advantages in terms of security, speed and consumptoin - to develop our own secure microcontroller. Finally, we invested to obtain the CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certification of our buildings, our development flow and our first secure product, TESIC-SC, and we developed an industrial manufacturing, testing and delivery chain for this product with the help of our partners.

  • EC: What actions and deployments are currently in the pipeline?

SM: Our TESIC-SC product is currently in the final qualification phase before being ready for large-scale production in the second half of 2017. We are also working with European and Asian partners for porting operating systems and applications to this product. Lastly, in 2016 we started the R&D development of a family of secure elements for the IoT market.

  • EC: Why did you join the SCS Cluster?

SM: Our company's offering is based on two cornerstones: an innovative microelectronic design technology, and a rare form of expertise in the security of integrated circuits and embedded software, validated by the CC EAL5+ certification of our TESIC-SC circuit and of its library of cryptographic functions. This specialization, along with our industrial activity in the security field, has led us to work with a host of players in the PACA region such as Gemalto, Invia, Presto Engineering, SPS and the Micro-PackS platform, which quite naturally led to our membership with the SCS Cluster.

  • EC: Has the SCS Cluster brought you what you were looking for?

SM: Although we only joined up recently, we already greatly appreciate the SCS Cluster's extraordinary support for setting up collaborative projects and providing access to highly relevant information in our field of activity. So, yes, I would say that the SCS Cluster has indeed brought us what we were looking for regarding these services.

  • EC: What do you expect of the Cluster in the future?

SM: We hope that it will continue to provide us with access to information concerning the security ecosystem, allow us to take part in networking actions despite the fact that we are located some distance away, and help us to promote an exacting, high-tech vision of the security of components and systems.


Serge Magimot

Postal address: 110 rue Blaise Pascal, 38330 Montbonnot St-Martin France

Tel./Fax: +33 (0)4 76 61 10 00. E-mail: contact@tiempo-secure.com

Website: www.tiempo-secure.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sergemaginot

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