Once your project is selected, the SCS Cluster contributes various services to help assemble financing adapted to your situation and to the context of your project.


1. BNP Paribas partnership agreement – SCS:

Signed on July 15th, 2011, this agreement allows SME partners of collaboratifs projects innovating of the SCS Cluster to profit from preferential conditions of access to bank credits.
Intended and held for SME partners of a collaboratifs project of R & D labeled by the SCS Cluster and selected for a financing, these loans aim to allow a faster starting of the innovating projects without it being necessary to expect the payments of the government aid by the various funders (State, Territorial collectivities, Feder,…). These loans will be supported by the financing convention established between the public financing authorities and the SME. The investment requests will have to be validated by the SCS Cluster, which will check their eligibility for the joint offer from the SCS Cluster and BNP Paribas. They will be then transmitted, for examination and decision, to BNP Paribas which set up, for this purpose, a special office for the SMEs of the SCS Cluster.


2. Assistance with the request files of subsidies

The SCS Cluster proposes to the partners of projects FLED cofinanced by the territorial collectivities a standard request file of subsidy pre-filled with the list of the documents required in order to accelerate the installation of conventions of financing. The Cluster also monitors the files vis-à-vis the local financing authorities.


Update: 08/01/2015

January 2018