Investments with a future - Big challenges of the Digital one

Project selection criteria

The pre-proposals will be evaluated on the basis as of following criteria:

  • Relevance of the identified challenge : Presence of real bolts in view of the European and world state of the art. Innovating character and ambition of the approach suggested. Challenges of structuring of a field.
  • Economic impact : Strategic nature of the project for the implied partners, incitativity of the financing and repercussions in terms of creation of value (economic and commercial outlooks and for job creation)
  • Quality of the partnership and added-value of collaboration: presence of partner-keys of the field, complementarity enters the partners, in particular between suppliers of technologies and users, presence of the critical mass with respect to the innovations concerned; a balanced partnership is required; for this reason, it is recommended to avoid the excessive shares carried by a single partner or, conversely, the too marginal contributions.

The evaluation of the detailed proposals will take account of the following additional criteria:

  • Management of the project (Organization of work, presentation of the sub-projects and the tasks, governance of the project and work, viability and technical realism (capacity with raising the technological bolts to the glance as of technological tracks proposed, achieving the technical goals of the project in comparison with the description of work…), viability and financial realism (adequacy of the budget compared to the average volunteers, justifications of the expenditures proposed in the appendices financial…).
  • Taken into account of the recommendations of the committee of experts made in phase of pre-instruction.

Financing rate

The rates of assistances applying to the eligible expenditure are:

  • 50% for the microphone, small and medium-size companies;
  • 35% for the intermediate companies;
  • 30% for the large companies;
  • 40% of the analytical costs related to the project for the other partners (research organizations, associations).

The research organizations will be able to choose a financing with 100% of the marginal costs.

The supports for the companies will be the object of a profit-sharing of the State to the results of the project in the form of a financial return. The precise methods of these returns will be given in phase of instruction of the selected projects.
50% of the assistances allocated with the companies, on average for the project, will be allotted in the form of refundable advances, according to the turnover resulting from the project or from its technical success.

Methods of tender

The file of tender must be deposited on the extranet of deposit of collaboratifs the innovating projects of Bpifrance:

Documents to be downloaded:

Specifications of the call

Model of pre-proposal

Accompaniment SCS

The SCS Cluster is at the disposal of its members you to accompany, you to help to improve your project and if necessary to label your project or to support you by an official letter of support. Do not hesitate to contact us upstream possible.

Key dates

  • July 15th, 2017: deadline of request for accompaniment SCS
  • September 8th, 2017 12:00: deadline of deposit of the pre-proposal on extranet BPI.


Olivier Chavrier, 04 42 53 82 83

Delphine Launay, 04 89 86 69 30

Updated: 15/3/2017

January 2018