The Industry of the Future is the modernization of the production equipment of the companies and the transformation of their model of business, their organization, their modes of design and marketing, and this grace in particular to the contribution of digital technologies.

Since 2015, the Industry of the Future became a priority of the French government. Within the framework of New Industrial France, the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and the Digital one was fixed like objective the D-industrialisation of the French economy through several actions of which in particular the development of the technological supply for the Industry of the Future.

This initiative is declined in several French regions of which in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, where the SCS Cluster took the initiative to take stock of competences of some of its members representing this technological supply, formalized within a catalogue.

Catalogue technological supply for the Industry of the Future

This catalogue (click on the image to reach it opposite), carried out by the SCS Cluster in collaboration with the Optitec SCS Cluster, is addressed to the industrial companies engaged on the way of the Industry of the Future to present to them the technological supply of the actors of the ecosystems of digital and optics/imagery.

It gathers fifty datasheets presenting the companies and their solutions for the needs for the industrialists.

Its objectives are the following:
• to promote and make known the technological supply of the companies near the community of the actors of the Industry of the Future,
• to support the comparison with integrators and companies users,
• to facilitate the installation of evidence of concept, pilots and demonstrators leading to profitable trade relations.

Regional action

The SCS Cluster also takes part in the Steering committee of the regional initiative “Industry of the Future”. Coordinate by ARII PACA and gathering the representative of the regional industrial main actors (poles of competitiveness, CETIM) as well as the State. This initiative aims at establishing a diagnosis of the needs for about thirty regional industrial companies committed on the way of the Industry of the Future and to meet their requirements while putting in relation to the companies representing the technological supply for Industry for the Future.

Alliance for the Industry of the Future

Lastly, through its implication inthe French Association of the Poles of competitiveness, the SCS Cluster is “active member” ofAlliance Industry of the Future. Alliance Industry of the Future joins together professional organizations of industry and the digital one as well as academic and technological partners around a common ambition: to make to France a leader of the world industrial revival and to propel the whole of national economic fabric in the middle of the new industrial systems.


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