Equipped of almost 47 billion euros, the Plan Investments with A future (PIA), controlled by the general police station with the Investment, was set up by the State to finance investments innovating and promising on the national territory.

The 47 Md€ devoted by the State to the investments with A future were mobilized in two times:

  • in 2010, 35 Md€ were dedicated to PIA (PIA1);
  • in 2014, the PIA was reinforced and was seen allocating an envelope complementary to 12 Md€ (PIA2).

The objective of the program is to modernize and reinforce the competitiveness of our country, by supporting the investment and the innovation in 5 priority, generating sectors of growth and employment:

  • Higher education and formation
  • Search
  • Industrial sectors and SME
  • Sustainable development
  • Digital economy

The devices of support proposed by the SCS Cluster for its members are those which enter within the framework of technologies and uses of the digital one. These devices are equipped with a global envelope of 400M€ of which 175M€ for the financing within the framework as of calls for projects. To this envelope is added 20M€ State co-financing – Region PACA for the regional calls.

Certification or the support by a pole of competitiveness is not obligatory but constitutes a positive element of evaluation of the project.

Accompaniment and support of the SCS Cluster

According to the strategy, maturity of the project and availability of the leader, the SCS Cluster offers various back offices and in particular:

  • Certification “Innovating Projects”, process of formal certification applied in particular within the framework of the projects FLED, PSPC or APRF. More information here.
  • The STEP Project, process of accompaniment and formal support.

The STEP Project of the SCS Cluster

For those which do not wish to engage in the formal process of the accompaniment and certification “Projects Innovating”, the SCS Cluster proposes to its members a personalized assistance within the framework of the assembly and the deposit of their file of application through the service “Not Project”.

The “step Project” comprises several shutters:

1. Information:

  • Explanation contained of the calls for projects and the rules of eligibility
  • Methodology of answer and selection criteria
  • Supply of the screens of documents

2. Accompaniment and support:

  • Checking of the contents of the project and its adequacy with the call for projects concerned
  • Proposals and advices for an improvement of the file (technical, financial, marketing, strategic)
  • Search for partners and positioning compared to the known projects of the SCS Cluster
  • Drafting letter of official support personalized

3. Valorization (if the project is financed):

  • Drafting of a datasheet marketing project
  • Inclusion Web site SCS and catalogues projects SCS
  • Press release

The cost of the services “not Project” is composed of a fixed part to regulate at the time of the request for “step Project” and of a variable part if the project is selected for financing.

To profit from this service, it is advisable to send to Delphine Launay, at the latest a month before the closing date of the call for projects concerned, the datasheet of request for “step Project” accompanied by any document concerning to the project which you will consider useful.

Useful documents

Plate of presentation of the service “not Project”

Specifications relating to the service “not Project”

Datasheet of request for “step Project”


For more information:

Olivier Chavrier, 04 42 53 82 83, E-mail

Delphine Launay, 04 89 86 69 30, E-mail

Updated: 24/10/2017

January 2018