The certification of a innovating project wishing to obtain a financing is a one approximately 2 months duration process which understand 4 key stages:

Eligibility : the leader of project transmits a summary of the project (see here) to the SCS Cluster which checks the egibility of the project taking into consideration specifications of the funder and the rules of the SCS Cluster.
If the project is eligible, the leader receives a screen of presentation of the project (see here) which it prepares for a first presentation at the commission project.

Review 1 commission projects : the leader approximately presents the project according to the format requested from the commission project of the SCS Cluster during 45mn. Following this presentation, a formal return is sent to the leader with the positive points and the points of improvement to be brought to the project

Review 2 commission projects : the leader approximately presents the improvements made to the commission projects during 30mn. Following this presentation, the commission project pronounces a positive opinion or negative for certification. A formal return is addressed to the leader with the result of the opinion and the comments corresponding.

Vote CA : the direction projects of the SCS Cluster presents a synthetic summary of each project with the opinion of the commission projects and the comments. On the basis of recommendation of the commission projects, CA of the SCS Cluster votes according to the statutory rules and pronounces or not a formal certification.

Throughout this process, the SCS Cluster accompanies you for construction and the assembly by your project file:

Improvements of the contents of the presentation and the file:

  • Expression of the project and the solution
  • State of the art - technical Bolts;
  • Economic consequences - strategy;
  • Consortium and aspects collaboratifs;
  • Budget and expenditure;
  • The shape and clearness of the file;
  • Durable label ICT;
  • Formal return of the various commissions.

Formal and administrative checking of the file:

  • Seizure of the project on the extranet of deposit of the files (FLED) and of the certificates and justified letters of certification;
  • Checking of the completeness and the exactitude of the file;
  • Coordination interpolate - colabellisation.

Personalized assistance:

  • Abstract exchanges with the funders – validation of certain points;
  • Assistance for the appendices financial;
  • Assistance and validation partners including technological platforms;
  • Economic and financial analysis of the PMEs partners;
  • Provision so necessary of specialized consultants.

Services Post-Certification of the Projects

Lobbying and accompaniment:

  • Presentation of the projects to the funders and other decision-makers;
  • Preparation of the financial montages and co-financings;
  • Possible negotiations of refitting or adjustment of the plates;
  • Pre-announcement of the results;
  • Organization of débriefing projects with the experts in the event of not-selection.

Preparation of the files and appendices of co-financing:

  • Harvest of the elements for each cofinanced partner;
  • Interface with funders (BPI, CDC, Communities…) ;
  • Preparation of the files and exchanges with the communities concerned and the partners.
  • Assistance with the assembly of conventions of financing


Update: 08/09/2016

January 2018