June 2011

Together, let us make a success of the great projects of the Free one!

May 2011

Specialist in the design of networks of sensors without wire dedicated to the collection, the treatment and the environmental data dissemination

April 2011

Specialist in the design, the development and the manufacturing of active inks

March 2011

Natural Solutions: Experts of Eco-Data processing

February 2011

Logicielnet 1st operator of services for call center Health & Daily life

January 2011

Bittle: 1st solution of reporting close to all!

November 2010

SP3H: Leader in the profiling of the fuels

Specialist in molecular chemistry in hydrocarbons, SP3H proposes a system embarked in the vehicles for the analysis of hydrocarbons. He proposes a “smart sensor” i.e. a smart sensor, which analyzes and manages information which once treated, are sent to the computer in charge of the adjustments of the engine. The goal is to be able to make a better adjustment of the engines in order to optimize the pollution emissions and greenhouse gas, (in particular of CO2, or oxides of nitrogen), the petrol consumption. Interview of Alain Lunati, President and founder of SP3H

October 2010

ActiveEon: Open editor source for distributed calculation and the cloud

Software publisher Open Source, ActiveEon is a young company created in 2007 which evolves on the market of “Grid Computing” and “Cloud Computing”. Its role is to suggest solutions for the acceleration and the distribution of application, and the platforms of Cloud of company. Interview of Cédric Dalmasso, Responsible Project of ActiveEon

August 2010

Insight SiP: precursor in the design of “System In Package”

Insight SiP, company created in 2005 and adherent with the SCS Cluster for almost 5 years, has been specialized in the design of “System in package”: assembly of electronic components in microcases bound for the markets of the communications without wire and electronic high-speed. Interview of Michel Beghin, Chief executive officer of Insight SiP.

May 2010

Icera: Accelerator of communications without wire

Member since March 2010, ICERA develops and manufactures electronic components for the modems used in the mobile terminals 3G, 3G+ and later in the 4G/LTE. Its featured product is a processor which treats the transfer to high-speed on the mobile networks. This technology integrated right now into the computers and USB keys, is brought to develop on other supports such as Smartphones or PC Tablets (ex: Ipad),… Interview of Fabrice Moizan, Vice President Global Dirty Icera
January 2018