February 2010

SANsystems: ultra compact, adaptable and economic machines of personalization for the market of the smart card and the secure objects

Adherent of the SCS Cluster since December 2009, SANsystems is a start' up, created, specialized in 2008 in the manufacturing of machines of electric and graphic personalization for the markets of the smart card and Smart-objects. The company develops a new concept of machine of ultra compact personalization, economic and adaptable to many formats of secure objects. Simon Ormerod, President de SANsystems, presents his innovation to us.

January 2010

The IRON CONTINUATION of IQsim, preceded at the time of the 2è Price ICT of the innovation of PRIDES SCS

Created in April 2009, IQsim is a solutions editor bound for the operators of telecommunication services. The company has just gained the price of the project of R & D with the strongest return over investment at the time of the 2è Price ICT of the innovation of the PRIDES SCS which was held on December 17th, 2009 (Toulon), thanks to its product the IRON Continuation.

December 2009

RFIDEAL, a solution to produce volume of tags RFID approximately

Created in February 2008, RFIDEAL suggests a solution sold under licence allowing the mass production of labels RFID at extremely competitive cost. Yannick Grasset, founder of RFIDEAL introduces to us to this Young Innovating Company, prize winner of the National competition of the Creation of Companies of Innovating Technologies (2007) which recently adhered to the SCS Cluster.

November 2009

Prim' Vision and Gap Hygiene Health on France 3!

SME Prim' Vision and Gap Hygiene Health passed to the regional newspaper of France 3 on November 5th, 2009. http://jt.france3.fr/regions/popup.php?id=c06a_1214part1

October 2009

Capital growth of Prim' Vision!

The lifting of funds of Prim' Vision Prim' Vision has just raised 1.5 M€ during a capital growth which was enclosed on July 31st, 2009. Prim' Vision reinforces its financial base thus substantially to develop its offer making it possible to put publicity on mobile the service of the user.

September 2009

ORIDAO: Authentication ground, simple and accessible

Created at the end of December 2008, ORIDAO is prize winner of the competition of creation of companies innovating of the Ministry of research and has just made a success of its first lifting of funds. This SME in full rise recently adhered to the SCS Cluster “… a logical adhesion, in perfect agreement with the activity of the company”. Nicolas Reffe, Founder and Director of ORIDAO, reconsider successes of his company.

July 2009

Three Questions with Mehdi Elhaoussine, Directing INTERNATIONAL BLACKCURRANT Europe

June 2009

DIGDASH launches a new software DIGDASH ENTERPRISE to improve Management of the Performance

DIGDASH, member of the SCS Cluster, launches on the market a new software DIGDASH ENTERPRISETM directed Management of the Performance (Enterprise Performance Management). This single tool will allow very undertaken to set up easily, quickly and with lower costs of the graphic instrument panels to facilitate the control and the visualization of the data undertaken.

May 2009

Kuantic, of the solutions to make dialogue machines

Created in 2003, Kuantic, SME of 16 paid, conceive solutions of embarked telematics, namely of cases GSM/GPS marketed via its distribution network specialized and also propose subscriptions and services M2M with its integrating customers Stéphane Chaussat, Sales director of the company, presents this company to us which generated 4.7 Million sales turnover in 2008 and which knew to be essential like first French distributor in the Machine to Machine (M2M) of the Orange group.

April 2009

A future collaboration enters French National Printing works and Smart Packaging Solutions!

Technologies of the company Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) were chosen by French National Printing works to produce some of its future secure chip cards. These cards will be able to function according to two modes, a mode with contact and a contactless mode.
January 2018