The SCS Cluster has put in place a process to support and certify your collaborative R&D projects. This process differs according to the financing authority concerned. You will find, in the menu opposite, information on the context, the financing rules and key dates (for  open tenders) for the various calls for projects as well as the associated key documents.

Call for projects information meetings:

Twice a year, the SCS Cluster holds information and training meetings on calls for projects, certification and submitting an innovative project to financing authorities.

The aim of these meetings is to keep you informed on the calls for projects from the various public financing authorities' (eligibility criteria, selection criteria, compiling dossiers, etc.) and on the SCS Cluster's support and certification process.

The next ones will take February 2018 place running.

Whatever the financing authority concerned, the first stage of submitting your project for certification is to return to us the certification request form which differs according to the financing authority/call concerned. You can download the specifications and the certification requets forms for a project in the section below.

Important reminder: To ensure a project is eligible for SCS certification, all partners must be members of the SCS Cluster, except for co-certification.

Requirements for SCS certification

Certification all calls except ANR

ANR project certification

Project certification request forms

Project certification request form - all financing authorities except ANR

Datasheet of request for support of a project ANR

Project certification request form - ANR projects


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 Updated: 29/01/2018

February 2018