Accompaniment of the projects – Support and Certification for the innovating projects

Within the framework of its mission “of developing projects of R & D innovating competitive” and strong of a knowledge and a long experience of the public and deprived devices of support, the SCS Cluster accompanies the leaders and partners by these projects in order to increase the quality of their file and the chances of obtaining a financing.

The accompaniment of the SCS Cluster comprises a succession of actions installation to accompany the leader within the framework by the improvement of its project in order to make so that it is with more close possible waitings of the funder, thus optimizing its chances of selection for financing.

The SCS Cluster's Projects Department and Projects Committee play a major role in this support process. In fact, the project leader can improve their project by leveraging, for example, the expertise of members of the Projects Committee and/or members of the SCS Cluster, access to market data, research undertaken by additional partners, financing authorities network of contacts and, in some cases, the services of a specialist consultant to assist the leader in the improvement process and drafting the project dossier.

This accompaniment materializes into final by a support or a certification according to the cases and the nature of the projects concerned.

The decision of certification is a decision taken by the board of directors of the SCS Cluster (statutes of the SCS Cluster) on the recommendations of the direction projects.

The decision of support is a decision taken by the head office of the SCS Cluster on the recommendations of the direction projects.


The accompaniment projects of the SCS Cluster does not stop with the delivery of the certificate of certification or support.

In the case of projects selected for financing, the SCS Cluster approaches the necessary steps the various funders for:

  • To ensure itself in certain cases of balance and the distribution of the financings,
  • To prepare and facilitate the installation of conventions of financings,
  • To follow the good realization of the financing of the adherent partners.

The SCS Cluster can also propose supports of banks through conventions making it possible to bring facilities of treasury within the framework of the projects.

Lastly, the SCS Cluster ensures a follow-up on behalf of the State and funders of key indicators making it possible to measure the good progress of the project and the creation of value brought by the project.

The SCS Cluster writes also datasheets projects emphasizing the project and its actors (more information).

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Updated: 29/01/2018

February 2018