To accompany the design, the experimentation and the evaluation of products, services and solutions digital for health in residence and autonomy


At the request of the Department of Industry, Association CIU-Health was created in 2010 by the SCS Cluster, the University hospital of Nice (CHU de Nice) and the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (ONES).


To give to the industrialists the opportunity of evaluating, of testing and of trying out their products, services and solutions in a medical and medico-social environment and according to the rules of biomedical research.

Unique in France, CIU-Health is completely integrated into the hospital structures and medico-social

Labeled expert center of France SILVER ECO (in the past CNR Health), CIU-Health set up 4 platforms of evaluation and experimentation at the service of the industrialists established in medical and medico-social places offering a variability in terms of population and uses.

Platforms of evaluation and experimentation of CIU-Health

CIU-Health consists of a team to multidisciplinary competences (doctor, attache of clinical research, psychologist, project manager, ergonomicist, administrative quality, and engineers technique, data processing, biomedical, biomechanical, communication).

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January 2018