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According to analysts and various industrial and institutional sources, the technologies inherent in the Internet of Things will open new markets of considerable size. Whether for the industry sectors of tomorrow, or general-public products and smart cities, the applications and usages are seemingly infinite, and promise excellent growth opportunities. With its substantial ecosystem of industrial players, SMEs, VSEs, startups and research laboratories - whose competencies and offers are specifically concerned by this new technological wave, the SCS Cluster has decided to launch a new workgroup called “IoT & Connected Objects”.

Launch of the IoT workgroup on November 10, 2015

For this purpose, the SCS Cluster invited its members and the members of the PRIDES Digital Economy associations to a one-day event to exchange ideas and work on the subject of the IoT and Connected Objects on November 10, 2015, at the Provence Microelectronics campus (École des Mines) in Gardanne (13).

A significant number of comments and suggestions made by participants on November 10 then 26 (at the IoT & Security conference) emphasized the need to structure an IoT workgroup to explore the needs, the value provided, the business model(s) to consider, etc., and to work together to promote the emergence of solutions.

2016 plan on the subject of the IoT

2 subgroups have been established based on participants' expectations, expressed via a questionnaire and at the workgroup launch and structuring meetings on November 10, 2015 and January 21, 2016:

IoT Security => Technological innovation in relation to vertical market security challenges, end-to-end security, authentication, etc.

IoT Usages & Applications => Examination of usage benefits and values

Workgroup and subgroup coordination

These 2 sub-groups are coordinated by a steering committee of the WP IoT which gathers the SCS Cluster and some key actors of the sector members of CA of the SCS Cluster. Discover below the leaders of these under groups.

Since its launching at the end of 2015, more than 100 people joined the WP IoT & Connected Objects

IoT Security subgroup


  • Structuring and enhancing the value of the SCS eco-system in the field of Security for the IoT
  • Sharing experience in security, connectivity, data protection/storage/use
  • Establishing synergies/cooperations between members and existing organizations (projects, federating projects)


  • Exchanging expertise and best practices between those players present
  • Inventorying the existing hardware, software and server technologies needed to deploy IoT solutions
  • Monitoring the state of the art and activities within the IoT, AIOTI and IoTforum communities, as well as projects, standards, etc.
  • Identifying the technical security requirements of the vertical markets: automotive, energy, health, etc. (E2E security, authentication (users/devices), key management/access rights, privacy, robustness, system resilience, etc.)
  • Establishing synergies with the Big Data workgroup (data harvesting, analytics, predictive), key to effective use of IoT solutions
  • Carrying out tests, validations, prototypes through the 4 technological platforms PACA Conception (design tools) and Characterization of circuits, MicroPacks (micro-assembly and security analysis) and Com4innov (4G connectivity, LoRa access, VM/cloud access)
  • Setting up proposals for financed projects (collaborative and innovative)

IoT Usages & Applications subgroup


Structuring and enhancing the value of the SCS ecosystem based on IoT use cases on relevant markets

The following deliverables are envisaged for this subgroup:

  • Use cases in the form of presentations / white papers (ROI, business model)
  • Prototype and demonstration platforms of members' use cases
  • An Engineering School/Business/User challenge to prototype the use cases (SmartCity, SmartIndustry, SmartHome, etc.)

IoT Usages subgroup - Focus on Industry 4.0


  • Structuring and enhancing the value of the SCS eco-system on the connected objects for industry market
  • Increasing visibility in Europe

The following deliverable are envisaged for this subgroup:

  • Presence at the major European trade events in 2017
  • Demonstrator

=> The member lists are under construction and may vary depending on those members who express their interest in joining this or these subgroups. Each member of the group(s) is asked to make a contribution.


For more information on the IoT & Connected Objects workgroup, contact:

Calendar 2018

February 22nd, 2018 - Department 13 Plenary WP IoT Information to come

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