SCS Cluster missions :

    To consolidate our leadership in the areas covered by the SCS Cluster by drawing on the breadth of our business lines.

    • Developing innovative and competitive R&D projects
    • Contributing to the development of SMEs
    • Helping to create an ecosystem suited to the regional development of ICTs

    Key figures, an international scope in terms of ICTs:

    • To date, nearly 302 members, of which 75% are innovative SMEs/VSEs,
    • 30 world leaders in their fields
    • 16 research and training establishments and organizations
    • 1,200 public sector researchers
    • 1,500 engineers trained each year 
    •  60,000 jobs in ICTs
    • 3 expertise centers:

    - The Center for Innovation and Uses in Health (CIU Santé): demonstrator of ICT solutions in e-health.

    - The National Reference Center for Health and Autonomy at Home (CNR Health), which became France Silver Eco in 2014: A benchmark player in the deployment of digital solutions for healthcare, self-sufficiency and wellbeing at home.

    - French national RFID center (CNRFID): to facilitate the adoption, use and mastery of RFID.

    • Platforms CIM PACA for the Microelectronics: design, characterization, micropackaging & security.
    • Since 2006, more than 240 financed projects representing more than 953 d'€ million of expenditure in R & D.

    February 2018