World Competitiveness Cluster SCS (Secure Communicating Solutions) has a genuine ambition: to become the leading and recognized player in the field of Secured Communicating Solutions by covering the entire ICTs value chain, from silicon to end uses.

    • Microelectronics
    • Telecommunications
    • Software

    It will do this based on focused, differentiating Smart Specialization Areas (SSAs): contactless technology; networks, M2M & mobile services; digital security & identities

    For the benefit of high-growth markets: Health, Pharmaceutical, Trade, Mass-market retailing, Transport & Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Financial institutions, Environment, Recycling, Consumer Electronics, Administration, Energy, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, and so on.

    Certified World Competitiveness Cluster in July 2005, the SCS Cluster brings together players in the field of microelectronics, software, telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies services and uses in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

    Solutions” to meet requirements based on diverse technological expertise.

    Communicating” indicates the nature of the objects, systems and services concerned, with networking for actions that infer communication, cooperation and transactions.

    Secure” underscores a key requirement of today's information society: the protection of information and privacy.

    The emergence of ICTs brings with it a huge potential for innovation, services and uses. From the end user viewpoint, this field must be based on integrated, user-friendly and interoperable solutions that ensure straightforward, reliable and secure functionalities.

    A complete value chain: from semiconductors to applications and markets

    In the fields of design and production of silicon chips, contactless technologies (smart cards, electronic tags, passports, USB keys, etc.), services and solutions aimed at companies and individuals alike.

    Services with high added value for SCS members

    In addition to its role as federator of innovative collaborative projets, the SCS Cluster offers a whole range of customized services for its members: development of equity, access to testing platforms, tailored intelligence service, training sessions on various subjects (intellectual property, group agreements, raising equity, etc.), preparing to go to market, establishing relations with prospective customers and partners, international development (participation in trade fairs, partnership missions) and so on.

    For more details on these services, click here.

    February 2018