With a view to promoting the emergence and organization of innovative joint projects, the SCS Cluster has established a series of  Smart Specialization Areas (SSA), in line with the key strategic areas of phase 3.0 of the SCS Cluster for the period 2013-2018.

The three specific, differentiating Smart Specialisation Areas are: contactless technology; networks, M2M & mobile services; security & digital identities

Each Smart Specialization Area (SA) is overseen by a President representing amajor industrial group, and by two Vice-Presidents (one representing an SME, and one representing the Academic/Research sphere).

These Smart Specialisation Areas have led to dedicated events and meetings, the main objectives of which are to:

  • To build a network between Companies, Laboratories and Public establishments,
  • Identify technological and scientific barriers, and possible partners
  • Identify new ideas and the main markets
  • Obtain information, exchange ideas and discuss matters concerning: the markets, their development and their prospects; products and new solutions; technological problems and marketing
  • Define medium- and long-term technological and market-related roadmaps.


Fabienne De Toma, 04 42 53 82 86, E-mail

February 2018