The Contactless group is one of the SCS Cluster's three Smart Specialisation Areas. Capitalizing on leading technological players and drawing on its three strategic business lines (microelectronics, telecommunications and software) and on an extensive track record for smart card technologies, the SCS Cluster has quickly become the focal point for contactless technologies, in particular RFID and NFC, both in France and overseas.



The majority of the latest-generation smartphones natively integrate an NFC function. The power of this potentially far-reaching technology will allow for a great many uses, thereby improving people's quality of life (e.g. communicating, real-time interaction, greater networking, reduced repetitive movements, etc.). The technological and practical convergence of connected mobile objects will promote the deployment of new applications and new uses. The technologies associated with RFID and its historic fields of application (logistics, traceability, etc.) are now moving towards new uses that bring with them renewed technological challenges (dual frequency, operating endurance, tag size, reading distance, security, data protection and so on).

All these technologies constitute the last link in a completely interconnected world.

Faced with these trends, the emergence of new markets, the arrival of telephony and internet players, and advances in miniaturization and endurance technologies, the SCS Cluster seeks to consolidate its leadership in “Contactless technologies” by organizing a dedicated work group that will be particularly attentive to the challenges of security and data production.



President: Francis Dellova - STMicroelectronics (E-mail)

Vice Presidents: Christophe Loussert - TAGSYS (E-mail) & Robert Staraj - LEAT UNSA Laboratory (E-mail)


For more details : DEFINITION, SCOPE & MISSIONS, STAKES, KEY FIGURES and the MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE CONTACTLESS GROUP, consult the group's dedicated flyer, accessible HERE.


The SSA Contactless whitepaper is accessible HERE

January 2018