Accompaniment for the plan of marketing
products/services resulting from the projects


Online with the new orientations of the policy of the Poles of competitiveness wished by the State by 2013 and aiming at improving the marketing of the products resulting from the projects from R & D collaborative, the Pop program positions a few months before the end of the project of R & D and consists to audit and accompany SME in the realization by their plans of marketing by the products/services resulting from the projects.
The Pop program also makes it possible PMEs of the project to prepare the shutter “prospects for marketing” which will be presented to the public funders during the meeting of closure project.

Which interest?

The Pop program allows:

  • To make an inventory of fixtures of the results of the project of R & D;
  • To formalize a plan of marketing of technologies and products/services resulting from the project;
  • To make a diagnosis with the SCS Cluster and of the expert businesses, in all confidentiality;
  • To be directed by the SCS Cluster towards the services of accompaniment possibly necessary to improve and solidify the plan of marketing;
  • To present this plan to the DGE and the funders of the project of R & D at the time of the final review of the project;

Total positioning of the Pop program in the Project of R & D

Detailed process


The committee of audit is composed of 3 members of the operational direction of the SCS Cluster, 3 specialized consultants independent and a general secretary. The company presents its plan of marketing during 1:30 on the basis of PowerPoint screen provided by the SCS Cluster. Maintenance will be carried out in all confidentiality. The evaluation relates to the following elements:

  • Product/Service: Progress report of the developments, Time to market, Identification of the produced advantages, Identification of the value final customer, Identification of the market segments, Attractivity of the markets concerned, Analyzes competing.
  • Sales strategy: Commercial structure and means, Access to the markets, Sales strategy and choice of the channels, commercial Action plan, Economic model and strategy of price.
  • Marketing & Communication: Structure and average marketing, Action plan marketing and communication.
  • Company: Clear mission and definite and quantified objectives, Coherence of the products compared to what exists, Financial means adequate, realistic and concrete Business plan.

At the conclusion of the committee of audit, a report detailed with recommendations is submitted to the leader.

How much does that cost?

  • The Pop program addresses to SME partners projects of R & D collaboratifs labeled by the SCS Cluster.
  • It is free for the members of the SCS Cluster.

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Update: 08/01/2015

January 2018