To increase the support given to dual innovation, RAPID (dual innovation support scheme) is a programme that lends assistance to industrial research or experimental development projects with high potential offering military applications as well as benefits to the civil market.

All independent SMEs employing under 250 staff and any enterprise of intermediate size with fewer than 2,000 employees - alone or as part of a consortium with a company or research organization - can thus submit a spontaneous application to obtain a "RAPID" grant.

This scheme is designed to be extremely fast-moving in order to award, within a period of four months from the submission of the dossier to the start of work, financing for the selected projects.

The RAPID is implemented by the head office of the armament (DGA) and the head office of the companies (DGE) which bring an expert testimony crossed on the projects suggested. The RAPID initiative reinforces their strategic action concerning company development.

Eligibility criteria

A project is eligible if:

  • It concerns defense but offers dual potential
  • It is led by an independent SME employing under 250 staff or an enterprise of intermediate size with fewer than 2,000 employees conducting the work in France
  • Its content is innovative
  • For a collaborative project, there cannot be more than two partners - laboratories or enterprises - and the project must comply with the collaboration criteria in the specifications.
  • The recommended work must meet the list of eligible R&D expenditure

Grant rates

The assistance rate are the same as for the FCE scheme, capped at 80% of expenditure based on:

  • The nature of the project: 50% for Industrial Research/25% for experimental development
  • The size of the partner: + 20% if VSEs/+10% if SME
  • The collaborative aspect: for SMEs only +15% for a collaborative project/for enterprises of intermediate size with fewer than 2,000 employees, +5% if collaboration with a company and +10% if collaboration with a laboratory

The rate of assistance is of 40% for a research institute and 100% of the marginal costs for a public laboratory.
The eligible expenditure is related to the R&D work.

Project selection criteria

The projects are evaluated on the following criteria

  • Technological quality and innovating character
  • Compatibility with scientific and technological directions of defense
  • Potential for civil and military application, industrialization, standardization and patents
  • Incitativity for the partners and economic consequences
  • Quality of the partnership in terms of complementarity and agreement
  • Overall coherence

Useful documents

Click louse here to download the specifications of program RAPID

File of application:

Contacts and information

RAPID contacts:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: relative questions with a project (eligibility, selection): Mr. Philippe Dussans: +33 (0) 9 88 67 26 74/questions of administrative nature: Mrs. Yannick Perrel: +33 (0)9 88 67 26 75.

Mail: Mode of Support for the Dual Innovation - RAPID/DGA/DS/S2IE/60 boulevard du Général Martial Valin, CS 21623/75509 Paris Cedex.

Contacts SCS Cluster:

Olivier Chavrier (04 42 53 82 83) or Delphine Launay (04 89 86 69 30)

Updated: 13/01/2016

January 2018