Eureka is an international organization for funding R&D projects that mainly covers European countries, but that also includes countries on other continents. A Eureka label is awarded to certify the quality of the proposed project, which is subsequently financed by national organizations specific to each partner's country. In France, Eureka projects are financed and coordinated by the "Direction Générale de la Compétitivité, de l'Industrie et des Services" (DGCIS) and the "Banque Publique d'Investissement" (BPI).

The project's prior certification by a competitiveness cluster allows French members to obtain a funding bonus (15% for SMEs and 5% for major groups).

Types of projects

Eureka covers three main collaborative R&D funding mechanisms:

  • Individual projects in line with the market, the underlying theme of which is open (2 partners, refundable advance equivalent to 40% of expenditure)
  • Thematic clusters, ambitious projects involving SMEs, major groups and laboratories (30% subsidy for SMEs (+15%), 25% for major groups (+5%), 100% for all others
  • Eurostars, intended exclusively for SMEs, the underlying theme of which is open (40% subsidy for SMEs working in R&D, 30% for other companies, 40% for laboratories (max. €100k))

Future calls

The following calls for projects are likely to be of interest to SCS Cluster members:

Schedule Topic Subjects of interest to SCS Cluster members
Euripides Smart systems • Technologies for high reliability, high-density electronic modules
• Microsystems
• Technologies for smart cards
• Medical Infrared sensors for applications
• MEMS and MOEMS integration for all domains
• System in Packaging and chip stacking
• Optoelectronic and microwave one-chip
• RFID integration
• Smart Wireless sensors and networks (ICs, passive, MEMS, antennas,…)
• Ultra miniaturized modules for mobile communication
• Packaging for harsh environment
• Thermal management (materials, characterisation, simulation)
• Embedded systems: hardware and software co-design
• Reliability test and simulation, lifetime prediction
• Devices and systems for energy efficiency (e.g for electric vehicle)
• Assembly and packaging of power system
Eurostars Open (market-oriented, growth potential) Open
Celtic-Plus Smart Connected World • Wireless
• Energy efficiency
• Networking
• Autonomic Networks
• DIGITAL Enterprise
• DIGITAL School
• DIGITAL Because
• eHealth
• Future Platforms Service
• Future interfaces
• Multi-media enablers
• Security, trust and identity
Penta Microphone, Nanoelectronics & Applications • Chips
• Equipment
• Materials
• Systems
• Applications
• Architecture
• Tools of design
ITEA 3 Software-intensive Systems and Services • Sustainability
• Mobility
• Healthcare
• Ageing society & Wellbeing
• Security and safety
• Engineering
• Knowledge-based economy
• Urbanisation
Eureka Individual projects Open (market-oriented, growth potential) Open

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