The purpose of  industrial property is to protect and support the development of inventions, innovations and creations in the technical (patents, plant procurement certificates, topography of semiconductors), and decorative (designs and models) fields and in terms of unique characteristics (brand, trade name, corporate names, logos, domain names, designations of origin, indications of source, etc).
It is a subset of intellectual property which also covers literary and artistic property.

Industrial property in the economic and industrial context

Industrial property is an important competitive tool for businesses. The objective of the public authorities is to create favourable conditions for their development (particularly at an international level). The role of industrial property is to protect an innovation as far upstream in the process as possible, e.g. at the design stage of an invention; a further objective is to enable industrial property rights holders (businesses, independent inventors) to develop and optimize the income from the use of their inventions.

To help you in your course of action relating to industrial property, the SCS Cluster regularly send out invitations to the information meetings and training workshops organized by the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the INPI (France's National Institute of Intellectual Property).

Useful links

  • Guide to intellectual property in competitive clusters

Directory of useful address to know

  • Various services provided by France's National Institute of Industrial Protection (INPI):

  - Intellectual property news and seminars

 - Free databases

 - How to protect your designs?

 - Documentation resources from the INPI

  • Practical guides from the Directorate General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS):

- Practical guide “SME, think intellectual property”

This guide is aimed at SME directors, members of competitive clusters and SME development partners, whether they are specialists in industrial property or not, and, in a broader sense, for all people in charge of key corporate functions (strategy, R&D, purchasing, finance, HR, monitoring, etc.).

- Practical guide: “SMEs, the importance of combining intellectual property and standardization

This guide is intended for SME directors and, more broadly, people in charge of key corporate functions (strategy, R&D, purchasing, finance, HR, monitoring, etc.). It is also intended for SME development partners (INPI, IEEPI, OSEO, DIRECCTE, CCI, MEDEF, professional associations, chartered accountants, lawyers, industrial property advisors, consultants, etc.).

February 2018