At the end of 2015, the Regional prefect initiated a reflection on the future of the microelectronics in region PACA, under the coordination of Direccte PACA, and gathering many partners of the sector. An ambitious action plan was thus drawn up on various levers in order to reinforce this branch of industry and to create more than 1000 employment over 5 years.

This action plan answers four great strategic issues, namely how to develop our ecosystem of companies of design (Fabless), how to develop competitive positions of the microelectronic ecosystem in the chain of value of the Internet of Things (IoT) and in technologies More than Moore, how to improve promotion of the attractivity of the territory and how to better exploit competences and means of manufacturing.

To develop competitive positions, the installation of programmes of acceleration for SME and startups of the area are a priority. This new program is the operational variation.

Is it what?


The program rests on operational excellence. For a starup or SME, the quality of the execution of an idea is the key to success: with the same urgency, the same ambition and the same rigour, the entrepreneur must carry all his efforts on four pillars: the product, the market, competences and financings.

3 phases to reach operational excellence:

  • to that
  • Council
  • operational accompaniment

Between 12 and 18 days over one period from 6 to 12 months.

The action is subsidized by Direccte PACA to a total value of 50% for SME and 60% for the startups.

The operational accompaniment is carried out on the priorities resulting from the phase of audit and council. It is carried out by 3 experts, spécialmeent selected for their qualification level and their course carried out within large companies or startups resulting from the microelectronics and IoT. A steering committee with the expertise on the SCS Cluster allows to bring even more council to the companies.

For which?

The companies which answer these characteristics:

  • Fabless
  • Designing electronic products with a microelectronic strong potential of integration
  • Designing components or systems More Than Moore for IoT

Do not hesitate with candidater, it remains some places!

For more information, contact as of now

Stéphanie Schohn, Responsible Ecosystem and Animation
04 42 53 82 84 -

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February 2018