Go-To-Market: Operational Excellence


The success of any start-up is essentially measured based on the ability to execute its business development plan. The quest for operational excellence is essential to offer the company the best conditions for success.

This new program focuses on the 4 pillars of operational excellence:

- Product

- Market

- Competencies

- Financing

These 4 pillars must be handled with the same degree of rigor, urgency and ambition.

This program is intended for the cluster's industrial member companies (SMEs) that have developed their innovative effort, and that seek to define and/or improve their strategic business development plan to improve their performance and step up their growth.

2017 Go-To-Market catalog

The Go-to-Market program's modules

Any subject relating to the 4 pillars: Product / Market / Competencies / Financing

These "à la carte" modules are delivered by experts, “action-oriented”, financially attractive, and can be immediately implemented.

The support comprises two phases over a 2-day period (non-consecutive):

  • Individual diagnosis (one half-day) to analyze your situation based on these 4 pillars and identify/confirm the areas for improvement;
  • Individual action/coaching (three half-days) for hands-on support.

Registration methods:

Download the application form.


January 2018