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    Extremely by its network of more than 300 actors in the field of the ICT, which cover a good amount of technologies and of applications “ of Silicon to the Uses ”, the SCS Cluster accompanies you in your development and your research by partners business and/or technological.

    As an SCS member, we can help you by identifying the entity(ies) able to meet your needs on the one hand, and by establishing a relation with the appropriate members of our ecosystem on the other.

    It is through local, national and international demonstrations that the SCS Cluster will help you to identify and meet your future partners and/or customers.

    To identify in a glance the events to come, consult our diary online

    Pacte PME

    The Pacte PME regularly publishes calls to competences emanating of its 53 large accounts members.

    An objective: To support the development of SME

    The SCS Cluster informs you on the searchs for SME likely to interest you.

    => Complete listing of the calls to competences of the Pacte PME on

    Spontaneous proposals:

    A simple way contact the large accounts and public counters, via a form online or by e-mail dedicated

    The objective of the counters is to identify, on the basis of presentation of competences and potential applications to a large account or specific client, an entrance point SME within those.

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    For any information on these setting appropriatenesses in network, do not hesitate to contact

    Stéphanie Schohn, 06 89 96 19 11, E-mail

    Audrey Rivollet-Erétéo, 06 31 40 57 65, E-mail

    Karine Degrenne, 06 48 72 22 91, E-mail

    Rachel Ramaye, 06 13 89 35 04, E-mail

    February 2018