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In 2014, the SCS Cluster, in partnership with the Marseilles CCI, entrusted an HR audit of its members to consulting firm Celtium to establish the status of competencies sought and difficulties encountered by companies using classic recruitment solutions. It turned out that none of the existing offers proposed to members were able to reconcile high-level experise with zero financial constraints.

The challenge laid down by the SCS Cluster's members was therefore to significantly reduce the cost of recruitment without any negative impact on the quality of services available. Changing uses by applicants and companies meant that a new approach was necessary, however this in turn meant going back to the drawing board. The answer was break down the recruitment value chain to only market the key steps.

The requisite expertise for the end customer can thus be adapted to each specific case, and the recruitment firm's tools only mobilized selectively.

The offer consists of 3 independent and dissociable services:

  1. Sourcing and selection of applicant CVs on the best job sites
  2. Outsourcing of interviews
  3. Assessment of applicants' personalities

The format retained to ensure a fast, fluid interface between companies and experts was that of a web platform. Developed by consulting firm Celtium, this service is called

Save more than 80% of your recruitment budget with Need4Staff, a calibrated, "à la carte" service.

Developed in partnership with the SCS Cluster, this solution has already made a name for itself: see the interview (in French) on BFM Business, on February 24, 2016

Are you an SCS Cluster member?

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  • The provision of an experienced, dedicated SCS partner who can be reached via a direct line,
  • A discount of between 10 and 20% on the 3 services available
  • And a whole host of other services….

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Audrey Rivollet-Erétéo

February 2018