Identify the resources you need in a few days

The SCS Cluster has developed a set of processes to help you in your search for ICT skills you may need to complete your projects:

  • Publication on the SCS Cluster website in the member space (Technology watch, Resources & Competences areas)

  • A search method optimized for the Apec database (more than 350,000 CVs)

- Create your personal account “Recruiter” which gives you unlimited access to the Apec database: Dedicated page
- How to effectively transpose the elements of your job description in the search engine? Illustrated example

  • Advice on selecting qualified candidates - recommendations for choosing the right profile:

- Check the professional history on the curriculum vitae: are the dates precise? Are there missing periods? Verify the graduation dates of diplomas.

- Make a first interview by phone; thisl allows you to better understand the candidate and to have a first exchange on expectations, ambitions etc.

- For on site interviews: Prepare an interview questions list to interview on areas or issues you wish to cover. By asking the same questions to different candidates you make sure you have a comprehensive view of each candidate. Use of a formal interview questions list also allows you to easily take control of the interview, for example, with very talkative candidates. .

- If you are several to interview the candidates, distribute roles and issues between you.

- The primary purpose of the interview is to obtain information about the candidate's and their ability to hold the position you have to offer. Then come exchanges on the company, position etc.

- A golden rule for the first interview: the candidate speaks approximately 70% of the time, you not more than 30%.

- Take notes; this allows you to quickly remember factual elements of the interviews with ideal candidates. Especially useful if your recruitment process is spread over a large time.

- An evaluation grid will allow you to compare candidates and rank them to facilitate the final decision making.

January 2018