Within the framework of its mission and at the request of the supervisory authorities, the SCS Cluster carries out twice a year an audit of the projects selected for financing and in the course of execution. The investors in the projects receive an e-mail or a phone call to provide an update on the project. The points raised are as follows:

  • State of progress of the work (% of execution)
  • Is the project on time, early or late? If so, up to what point and what are the reasons?
  • Were patents filed as part of the project?
  • Were publications made on the project?
  • How many people were recruited for the project?
  • Were products/services marketed thanks to the project?
  • Were companies created as part of the project?

These indicators will enable the SCS Cluster and its financing authorities to evaluate the impact of the projects selected for financing.


Update: 08/01/2015

January 2018