In order to emphasize the actions and work of the members of the SCS Cluster, a certain number of communications tools are regularly activated to increase the visibility of the innovating ecosystem of the territory.

1. Press releases

The SCS Cluster regularly issues press releases to its network of journalists locally or at the national level.
Some examples of press releases on the projects:
Results of the 14th call for projects
Launching of the “SCS IdeasMix” concept
Launching of the AGOS solution

2. Project files

The SCS Cluster provides project leaders certified by SCS and selected for financing with a “project file” for editing in order to participate in the project development..

Some examples of project files:
CAP ID Large distribution
CAP ID Textile
Smart Immo
Smart Muse

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to create a file for your SCS certified project selected for financing.

3. Labels “Active member”, “Innovating Project” and “Durable ICT”

Two labels were created so that the leaders and partners of the collaboratifs projects can give more visibility to their project:

  • The “active member” label rewards the leaders/partners of a certified project
  • The “innovative project” label will highlight project selected for financing.

The “Active member” label:

After the certification of the project, the SCS Cluster proposes with the leader and to the partners of the project to provide them to the logo “Active member” and the associated graphic charter in order to enable them to communicate around the certification of the project. Each leader/partner will be able to thus emphasize the project on its own supports of communication thanks to this logo.

Important: Use of this logo is only authorized when agreed by the Cluster and must strictly comply with the associated house style guide.

The “Innovative Project” label:

In the event of selection of the project and obtaining financings concerned, the SCS Cluster proposes the leader and to partners of the project to provide them the logo “Project Innovating” and the associated graphic charter in order to enable them to communicate on the labeled and financed project. Each leader/partner will be able to thus emphasize the project on its supports of communication thanks to this logo.

Important: The use of this logo cannot be made that within the framework of labeled SCS and financed project, in the strict respect of the associated graphic charter.

How can you obtain your label?

After certification/selection of your project, you can obtain to the file image of the label “Active member” for the labeled projects and of the label “Project Innovating” after notification of selection for financing of the project labeled by contacting Delphine Launay who will provide you the file corresponding and the associated graphic charter.


In complement of label SCS, the SCS Cluster proposes DURABLE label “SCS ICT”. This label, optional, proposes to propose the innovating projects which enter within the framework of sustainable development and which bring a positive impact and significant on the environment. This label is proposed jointly for projects for which certification is obligatory.

To obtain the "SCS SUSTAINABLE TIC” label, the project leader must request it when submitting the project for SCS certification.

To be eligible for the “SCS TIC SUSTAINABLE” label, the project must fulfil at least one of the  following three criteria:

  1. Impact on reducing energy consumption - energy efficiency
  2. Impact on reducing pollution
  3. Waste management control

The project leader will then have to fill out four additional slides in order to defend the "SUSTAINABLE ICT" aspect of their project. All documents concerning projects transmitted to the SCS Cluster are handled in accordance with a strict policy of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information.

The leader will have to, in particular, demonstrate how the project meets the chosen criteria, how the benefits will be detectable and measurable and how the environmental impact will be significantly beneficial. The evaluation by the Projects Committee will be qualitative and essentially based on the quality and  relevance of the elements provided by the leader.

The “SCS SUSTAINABLE ICT” label is optional and provided jointly with the “SCS Active Member” and “SCS Innovative Project” labels.

The SCS Cluster does not envisage, for the moment, any delivery process for the "SCS SUSTAINABLE ICT” label independently and outside the "standard" certification projects for innovative projects for which certification is obligatory.

Update: 08/01/2015

January 2018